Paste #p3w3qubto

  1. <decent-username> borodust: I think the looping issue is connected to fact
  2.                  that the music is cut of prematurely. I've just noticed that
  3.                  behaviour with a :snd-door-open, which has it's last bit cut
  4.                  off.                                                   [09:24]
  5. <decent-username> It seems the music player simply doesn't play the complete
  6.                  file, but instead plays everything except for the the last
  7.                  half a second, where it just waits for the file to finish.
  8.                                                                         [09:25]
  9. <decent-username> borodust: You can test that by pulling the new changed in
  10.                  DMOMD and listening to
  11.                  ./assets/snd/rogue-mode/hellfire-door-open.ogg outside the
  12.                  game and compare it with (play-sound
  13.                  :snd-hellfire-door-open).                              [09:58]
  14. <decent-username> The same seems to happen with the battle mode music.  [09:59]