Paste #pn9410sjp

  1. 54f64d112d (HEAD -> uajain/gtk-3-24-without-endless-theme) theme: Set dark background for Chrome and Chromium > 59 top bar
  2. f3bab136fd Use EndlessOS icon theme as first fallback after checking the current theme
  3. 642e15a310 theme: add Endless-specific customizations
  4. 5381fdf5c3 application: Complete startup notification sequence for remote invocations
  5. 4916734de4 application: Use the new API to get the startup notification ID
  6. b3bf12fff3 display: Add new virtual gdk_display_get_startup_notification_id() method.
  7. 11fbee9ce1 display: Avoid unsetting the DESKTOP_STARTUP_ID variable too late
  8. cdf23b61e6 tests: Fix build with external file
  9. d44960c586 x11: only notify a new workarea when it changed
  10. 4b9fd57b43 x11: update screen size when workarea changes
  11. d2dc14b76c x11: listen to property changes on the root window
  12. d0022bb550 Use non standard _GTK_WINDOW_UNREDIRECTED
  13. a46b3eeddc x11: Check if the window is composited for GL frame sync
  14. 43da8b359b GdkX11GLContext: x11-eglx, implemented texture_from_surface()
  15. 2fe1fc57e2 gdk_gl_context_download_texture() convert pixel data from rgba to argb.
  16. 3d2a53b81f glarea: Don't use GL_RGBA8 with OpengGL ES
  17. 87b5df728e Use the generic names for glFramebuffer functions
  18. 6c873a17a9 gl: Add private glReadPixels() wrapper
  19. 985d52f203 gdk/x11: Force GLES when using EGL X11
  20. dd76f7d47d gdk/x11: Add conditional support for EGL-X11
  21. a1e2d9dde5 filechooserwidget: use a scrolled window for filters
  22. 5f3984d7c9 filechooserwidget: reduce location width-chars
  23. e1c141da38 filechooserwidget: allow to hide the sidebar
  24. 86f6404eeb filechooserwidget: make sure it fits in screen
  25. d1ea6abace Comment out VS 2011/2012 project build
  26. c4577e79e8 Remove Computer from file chooser
  27. d785ee280d Revert "Update some a11y test results"
  28. 36a29eea51 Don't test default-constructed GdkPixbuf properties
  29. ca2df82bc7 Mark known failing tests as non-fatal
  30. 0b1fa1e985 Don't list images from unknown directories in icon cache
  31. 3a1dce4716 Do not use VIQR input method for vi locale by default
  32. 062c0754fb Consistently treat gdkenumtypes.[hc] as source files
  33. 0eaf4f0044 Do not allow devices in an offscreen hierarchy to take grabs.
  34. b463dd0661 Don't let offscreen widget do grabbing
  35. 08206ad49d gtk/Makefile: Add generated gtktypefuncs.c to DISTCLEANFILES (Base off commit)
  36. 152e65f07a     Adwaita: less purple OSD style
  37. 5428379fad (tag: Version_3.24.8, tag: 3.24.8) 3.24.8
  38. 08e20ce597 Silence a compiler warning

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